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Liver is key

23 Oct

As I was reading the book “Eating Alive” by Dr. John Matsen for

my ongoing studies to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist,

I came across the following which really made sense to me :

“In the same way that the body knows what temperature it should maintain

and the millions of minute steps which must be taken to keep the temperature

at that point, the body also knows exactly what weight it should be and how to

get there. There is no need to waste your precious brain cells and their low-voltage

currents on trying to force your body into your own fashion-forged image of what you

should look like.

Get the liver and gallbladder working, and exercise regularly and the body

will magically mold itself into shapes and forms beyond the limits of

your imagination, without mental contortions and wasted effort.

You may not look as anorexic as fashion temporarily would like,

but your increased vitality will shine through no matter what genetic

frame you have. Aim for health, and the true beauty and weight control

will eventually follow.”

This is my new motto 🙂

Live YOUR life,

Soha ~^^~