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Casa de Miel

15 Mar

*image courtesy of j. morgan puett

A home is a Sanctuary
A place of Peace and Serenity

Leave your worries at the Door
Only bring in what you Adore

Accompanied by Any
Love enters Freely

Relax in Solitude
Converse with Attitude

Look within Yourself
Become your Best Self



14 Mar

My major weakness is Ice Cream.

Nothing can replace real Ice Cream

when you crave it.

I never imagined that my refined sugar, dairy and

unhealthy saturated fat laden

Mocha Almond fudge Ice Cream

and I could part ways. Never ever.

I knew deep down that it was

an unhealthy relationship that was

not serving me in any way.

I searched endlessly for a healthier replacement

knowing deep down there could be none.

Then I found Coconut Bliss.

Made with organic coconut milk,

organic cocoa, organic agave,

and organic vanilla extract.

Yeah that’s it.

My beloved mocha almond fudge

ice cream has tons of ingredients.

Sugar and cream followed by

fillers, chemicals and preservatives.

I was very skeptical and highly doubted

that Coconut Bliss could satisfy me

like my mocha almond fudge.

Suffice to say I know call Coconut Bliss my Holy Grail.

I have not even thought of the other one ever since.

I guess this is what they call true love ❤

Now a treat is a treat and everything in moderation, right?

Live YOUR life!

Soha ~^.^~