Casa de Miel

15 Mar

*image courtesy of j. morgan puett

A home is a Sanctuary
A place of Peace and Serenity

Leave your worries at the Door
Only bring in what you Adore

Accompanied by Any
Love enters Freely

Relax in Solitude
Converse with Attitude

Look within Yourself
Become your Best Self


14 Mar

My major weakness is Ice Cream.

Nothing can replace real Ice Cream

when you crave it.

I never imagined that my refined sugar, dairy and

unhealthy saturated fat laden

Mocha Almond fudge Ice Cream

and I could part ways. Never ever.

I knew deep down that it was

an unhealthy relationship that was

not serving me in any way.

I searched endlessly for a healthier replacement

knowing deep down there could be none.

Then I found Coconut Bliss.

Made with organic coconut milk,

organic cocoa, organic agave,

and organic vanilla extract.

Yeah that’s it.

My beloved mocha almond fudge

ice cream has tons of ingredients.

Sugar and cream followed by

fillers, chemicals and preservatives.

I was very skeptical and highly doubted

that Coconut Bliss could satisfy me

like my mocha almond fudge.

Suffice to say I know call Coconut Bliss my Holy Grail.

I have not even thought of the other one ever since.

I guess this is what they call true love ❤

Now a treat is a treat and everything in moderation, right?

Live YOUR life!

Soha ~^.^~

Liver is key

23 Oct

As I was reading the book “Eating Alive” by Dr. John Matsen for

my ongoing studies to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist,

I came across the following which really made sense to me :

“In the same way that the body knows what temperature it should maintain

and the millions of minute steps which must be taken to keep the temperature

at that point, the body also knows exactly what weight it should be and how to

get there. There is no need to waste your precious brain cells and their low-voltage

currents on trying to force your body into your own fashion-forged image of what you

should look like.

Get the liver and gallbladder working, and exercise regularly and the body

will magically mold itself into shapes and forms beyond the limits of

your imagination, without mental contortions and wasted effort.

You may not look as anorexic as fashion temporarily would like,

but your increased vitality will shine through no matter what genetic

frame you have. Aim for health, and the true beauty and weight control

will eventually follow.”

This is my new motto 🙂

Live YOUR life,

Soha ~^^~

Must haves in the kitchen

4 Oct

-Coconut Bliss Ice Cream
-Organic Avocadoes
-Organic Eggs
-Organic Olive Oil
-Rice milk, Sea Salt, Turmeric

– Organic extra virgin coconut oil

– Organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar

– Cinnamon

– Raw Cacao

– Ginger

– Garlic

– Cayenne

– Vanilla

– Raw Organic Honey

– Sweet potatoes

– Fruits in season

– Vegetables in season

– Wild sockeye salmon

twenty nine

28 Sep

Instead of holding on to the past
and deeming myself as old,
I am merely going to REFLECT on the past and
only take lessons LEARNED with me to the future.

Any anger, shame and regrets.
All the self criticisms about not being good enough.
I will no longer carry this bullshit with me 🙂
Why? because it does not ameliorate my life in any way.

I believe every single relationship we have or ever had has a purpose.
From the one with the homeless dude to the one with our significant other.
Relationships are the quintessential way of life showing us who we really are.
Not to discourage and put us down, but to challenge our values and beliefs.
Why? in order to find our TRUE selves,
not the one we THINK we should be by society’s standards.
If we allow ourselves the FREEDOM to just live in the moment,
to really listen to our HEARTs and SOULs,
our true essence will be revealed.
Then all the elements of life will CONSPIRE and
SYNCHRONIZE for us to live our truth.

I find it hard to believe that this level of awareness can be
achieved at a very young age, although I have seen instances of
a young kid who has an old soul:)

Some find it unnecessary to reflect internally.
As humans they certainly feel lonely or sad,
but they search outwardly to fill this void.
They find temporary relief externally
through people, food, money, alcohol, drugs and sex.
Anything that they believe
has the POWER to make them happy.
We all have been guilty of this at some point in our lives.
We learn these things will certainly alleviate the unbearable emotions at times
but alas, they always return. each time even more agonizing.

In order to be truly happy,
we must look within and learn to love ourselves first.

All this to express that I APPRECIATE being not old but old enough.
GRATEFUL that I now know who I am and what I want.
RELIEVED that my early twenties (finding myself days) are behind me
and EXCITED to start living life as the REAL me.
Most of all, I now know that I am responsible
for my own happiness.
This means I am held accountable for all
my actions. Excuses such as “everyone does it”
“I was born this way” “it’s a korean thing” are no longer valid.
I must choose conscientiously
as everything I buy, eat, do or say
is a reflection of who I am.
I must let the universe handle karma and justice.
The complexities of righteousness are
beyond my intellectual capacity 🙂
Sometimes you just have to let go…

There is no such thing as PERFECT in this life.
We disappoint ourselves and others constantly.
The vital lesson here is that we must
never EVER give up on OURSELVES and our DREAMS.
Always be compassionate, never stop learning.
Don’t judge.
Be generous with love.
We all have an unlimited supply of Vitamin L.
As a matter of fact the more we give,
the more we get !!!!!
LIVE life~
The way you want it~
Soha ~^^~